Authentic Italian Coffee for True Coffee Lovers

Grand Caffe Garibaldi

Every sip of coffee

is meant to be fully enjoyed. Whether it is lunch with Your friends or colleagues, a slow morning at home, or simply a moment for Yourself – high-quality and exceptional taste Italian coffee GRAN CAFFE GARIBALDI is created so that every sip of it would be delicious.

The Ideal Coffee Bean

We directly select the best varieties (currently we have nearly 30 registered) of coffee in 17 different producing countries.

The Ad Hoc Blend

Our laboratory develops unique coffee blends (we have 80 of them in our portfolio) according to the desired sensorial profile. Only in this way it is possible to guarantee a perfect adherence to the requirements of the channels and markets served

The Right Roast

The roasting curve study of each blend is a crucial stage in our process to emphasize the blend organoleptic characteristics.

The Perfect Grinding

The grinding parameters are studied and set up also based on the blend delivery method. This phase also includes the study of the desired granulometry for capsule filling.


is produced in accordance with the highest quality requirements: from the careful selection of green, unprocessed, bean crops from certified coffee plantations; the use of accumulated long-term know-how to create exclusive blends of different coffee beans; the perfect roasting and grinding method to a cup of coffee in Your hands. Every stage of coffee production is constantly monitored, thus ensuring the exceptional taste of Italian coffee, valued around the world.


are full of vitality, evoking the most pleasant sensations in the hearts of those who enjoy this coffee. It doesn’t matter what kind of coffee You like – light, medium or dark roasted; made from coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee capsules or pads – pamper Yourself anytime, anywhere with the exclusive Italian coffee GRAN CAFFE GARIBALDI.


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