MAXI set of NESPRESSO coffee capsules, 80 pcs.

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NESPRESSO Coffee capsules GRAN CAFFE GARIBALDI Gusto Dolce, 10 pcs

A blend with a strong and persistent flavour and intense aroma. The hazelnut-coloured crema is full-bodied with a delicate hint of acidity and an aftertaste with notes of almond and dried fruit.

NESPRESSO Coffee capsules GRAN CAFFE GARIBALDI Gusto Oro, 10 pcs

Washed Central American Arabica coffee shows pleasant fruity notes with sweet undertones of roasted almonds and honey. A touch of East African Robusta enhances its aromatic intensity and full flavour.

NESPRESSO Coffee Capsules GRAN CAFFE GARIBALDI Intenso, 10 pcs

Strong, compact and intense. An espresso with an enchanting body that delivers a mixture of scents of unsweetened cocoa powder and dried fruit. The darker roasting process gives to this blend a strong flavour of precious wood that leaves a longlasting and round after-taste in the palate.

NESPRESSO Coffee capsules GRAN CAFFE GARIBALDI Aroma, 10 pcs

The blend with a lasting taste and intense aroma. The coffee has a thick crema and the taste of dark chocolate and nuts. A little touch of citrus makes these coffee cups a real pleasure.

NESPRESSO Coffee capsules GRAN CAFFE GARIBALDI Selezione 1860, 10 pcs

100% Arabica coffee, which combines a milk chocolate aftertaste with hints of candied orange peel, mainly due to one of the origin used: the Papua New Guinea. A soft, velvety blend revealing nuances of dried fruit and chocolate.

NESPRESSO Coffee capsules GRAN CAFFE GARIBALDI Gran Cru, 10 pcs

100% Arabica coffee, showing notes of red fruit as a result of the single-origin Ethiopian coffee beans. The blend of coffees sourced from Central America and Africa lends a soft, round mouthfeel, while the aftertaste shows lingering citrus and unsweetened cocoa nuances.

NESPRESSO Coffee capsules GRAN CAFFE GARIBALDI Lungo, 10 pcs

GARIBALDI Lungo can be drunk at any time of the day. This Italian coffee provides a wonderful aromatic taste experience. The coffee blend consists of roasted coffee beans that are perfectly matched. The coffee is medium in strength. A perfect cup of Lungo coffee!

NESPRESSO Coffee capsules GRAN CAFFE GARIBALDI Top Bar, 10 pcs

A blend of selected Arabica beans create a rounded coffee with delicious notes of chocolate and fruit. The intensity of the roast ensures a well-bodied coffee and a dense crema.

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7 reviews

7 reviews for MAXI set of NESPRESSO coffee capsules, 80 pcs.

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  1. English

    Леонард Б.

    Ne pati geriausia kava, bet tuo pačiu dvigubai pigesnė nei „Nespresso“.

  2. English

    Simona Blažaitytė

    Kai tik nupirkau kapsulinį, ši kava buvo pirmoji, kurią paragavau. Likau sužavėta.

  3. English

    Oleg V.

    labai gerai veikia. Skani kava. 🙂

  4. English

    Elanas P.

    Tobulas rinkinukas!

  5. English

    Aldona L.

    Maloniai nustebino!

  6. English

    Roberta Sakalyte

    Nusipirkus pabandžiau visus skonius ir išsyrinkau sau pačias skaniausias. Dabar perku tik jas su didelė nuolaidą. Super

  7. English

    Daiva L.

    Džiaugiuosi, kad užsisakiau pas jus kavytę, tikrai gera kava. Ateityje vėl pasinaudosiu jūsų paslaugomis. Ačiū.

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